What about the M4PM community?

The “Tumours, Organoids and Spheroids in Space – Microgravity for Personalized Medicine (M4PM)” community is comprised of Member companies and academics that currently grow and utilize, or contribute to tumours, organoids, spheroids in pursuit of (personalized) medicine (terrestrially) and is initiated to bring together thought leaders in industry and academia to solve problems and advance personalized medicine through innovations in microgravity
This innovation in drug discovery in space and in personalized medicine will be done for the benefit of life on Earth. The M4PM Community will in parallel engage in activities that foster and enable the continued development of its members’ R&D activities that directly benefit respective company business unit goals.

       Purpose and scope of the M4PM community

  • Feature key thought-leaders contribution to the central topic of Microgravity for Personalized Medicine by bringing tumors, organoids, spheroids to space
  • Develop and promote broad programs around 3D cell cultures / tumors / organoids / spheroids for drug testing and discovery and for the development of personalized medicine.
  • We believe that this work will be done in a research and very early-stage preclinical arena where large companies will not be in competition. We expect all Community Members will focus on common interests that benefit the group and their individual corporate goals.
  • Create programs focused on common goals of all Community members while still enabling individual members to “pull through” relevant discoveries to support respective business unit goals where applicable.
The Community members will identify key areas related to personalized medicine with an initial focus on using tumors, organoids, and spheroids that could benefit from research and development demonstrations in Low Earth Orbit (LEO). Members will agree upon the theme and scope for open innovation competition(s) and programs that utilize Low Earth Orbit platforms to solve these issues. Community members that agree to participate in, and benefit from, a personalized medicine challenge will have the opportunity to fund a program.


    • Small, Medium and Large commercial companies
    • Academics, University Labs, Research Institutes
    • NGO’s, Foundations, Non-Profits
    • Industry Associations
    • Clusters (health)
    • Contract Research Organizations
    • Technological / biological suppliers
    • VC’s/Private Equity/Capital
    • Other Thought Leaders